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  • Price : $ USD 6600-13000
  • Product Nme : Engraving machine
  • Original Place : Linyi City Shandong Province
  • Port : Qingdao /Shangahi Port
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    Standard Configuration for laser cutting machine :

    1) Working Area:1300*900mm,this can be customized as your requirements

    2) Laser power:60w 80w 100w 150w - you can choose RECI laser tube,working hours:8000-10000 hours

    3) DSP control system - with only a few buttons very easy to use

    4) Knife worktable - suitable for hard materials such as wood,acrylic,you also can choose honey comb table use for soft materials such as leather,fabric etc.

    5) High resolution laser head.-good quality and long lifetime

    6) Water pump-used for cooling laser tube to protect it has long life.

    7) Air pump/Compressor.-cooling the laser head to avoid the materials being burned.

    8) Exhaust fan - Blow away the smoke

    9) USB cable-To connect the machine and computer.

    10) Tool box-Included the CD,User manual,and some wrenches for your work.





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